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Ambassadors and partners!

"Since we are a tiny cottage company in a student room, we rely a lot on your content for social media purposes. Over the last few years, we have been grateful for the amount of people and businesses reaching out to us to look for a collaboration or to become an ambassador. We have enjoyed each and every interaction with you, and we strive to create a Merit Family for those that believe in us and our work. Are you interested? Feel free to reach out to me! I promise, I won't bite. ;)"
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Expanding our collection, made to last

"Before we expand our Bikepacking bags collection, we want to make sure that each product is near-perfect, sustainable, and durable. That way, we hope that you find it unnecessary to mix and match different brands! However, if you do prefer another brand, we make sure that our bags are compatible by implementing various daisy chains to make it all fit!"

Design & Production

Field Testing Gear 2021-2022

In the summer of 2020 we reached out to Mark ie Solo Bikepacker to test our bags in humanity of the jungles trails in Vietnam where he living . We wanted to see how they work not just in Europe Bikepacking trails or in winter condition but in different climates 

At first he said no lol as he has his bags made by Bike bag dude in Australia and Jpaks in good old USA and was happy with his bags for years. 

We pushed again and asked him to take a look at our old website. He came back and asked one questionus did we post on Bikepacking Facebook group last year asking bikepackers to put down ideas what they like to see in Bikepacking bag designs . Yeah that was us ..


 He said he filled in the qestioer and had put in he ltike  to see  a larger stem bag design as he was using 4 bags as he had space on his handle bars and was happy to see the popcorn bag with large capacity.. yeah We LIsten


We offer to send him our complete range free to test and give us honest feedback back  but after hearing we where still students living on beer and Ramen noodles and just starting out .. he bought a complete set at full price with the condition that some day Merit would design him solo expedition collection. 

We agreed over  the last year we worked together sharing ideas and we proud to say he replaced all his custom Bikepacking bags with Merit Gear. 

Solo Bikepacker / Merit Collection (Testing & Design 2021- 2022)

Winter Expedition Front Bag

Designed for winter expedition special with this large volume you be able carry alot of winter gear like for the 1000 miles to nome remote area with  extreme low temperatures 

Expedition Frame Bag

We all know the heaviest thing to carry is water and tools spare parts these things we can’t  change the weight of best to design a frame bag specially for these items.. one side insulated for keeping your water cool the othe side design for all your tools and spare parts mobile bicycle shop

Bikepacking Solar Front Bag

How many of us hang a solar panel over the front roll bag attaching any way we can .. why not just have solar panel built in to the front roll bags simple