Our Fearless Ambassadors

Our brand ambassadors are good friends that we have met along the epic journey.
They are all essential for testing and the development of our gear. 
Not only that, we are all transparent, honest, and like-minded people with a common passion for bikepacking 
whether that be (un)supported ultra-endurance racing or adventure riding with your family or significant other.

Olivier Latouille


People who know me well, say I am rough and tough. The same would also say I’m some kind of inspiration for others.

Why do I go bikebacking ? I need to catch the unexpected. I need to be away from the masses. I need to be in immersion with the land, the country I’m riding. Bikepacking is about enjoying the slow ride and perceiving the smell of nature.

I like getting out of my usual comfort zone. I like being some kind of inspiration for followers.

Most of all I enjoy bikepacking on long distance through routes. The routes where you try to cath up with the horizon. The routes where you never turn backward. The routes with no scheduled stages, the routes of the unexpected.

Today, I cannot imagine an other way of travelling around the world.

Dream, imagine and just do it !

I often say to my kids : “If you have dreamed it, you can realize it. Inbetween, it’s the world of the will”

Clotaire Mandel

New Zealand / Australia

I think the best way to describe myself is “ready for everything but good at nothing”.
I am travelling since a wee while, and I am on a bike mission around the world for 3.5 years now.

Currently in New Zealand, I’ll happily make the move to Australia soon to cross the country before heading back to some more exotic horizons.
Wether we want it or not, we carry a mission by travelling the world, especially on a bike. The planet we live on is becoming real, through our senses and the close relationship we have with sceneries and human beings. It’s our role to share what we can perceive and explore.

I have no idea where I’m going and what the future will bring, but I want to roam as much as I can. Warm beers, struggles, dirty hands, jandals and slow life is my motto.

Raphael and Simone


We are connected not only by love, but also the love to the sport. Simone is European champion in ski demo. I myself stand the whole winter on the skis, difficult steep descents or at photo shoots I try to make a good figure on the skis….and now bikepacking???

For us it was the first bikepacking experience that pushed us to the limits. Traveling by bike is unique and can’t be compared to anything else. The journey itself is the goal and not the place where you arrive last. You experience so many things, get to places, meet people. You would never have experienced all this if you had traveled by car or plane.

Whether you’re on a mountain bike, gravel bike or touring bike, grab your bike and go. It is always worth a trip. We would do it again anytime and are already looking forward to future adventures on two wheels…. Ride on!

Journeys from our Ambassadors