Frequently Asked Questions

Since we ship our gear worldwide, we rarely get to see an actual bike in person.

For accurately obtaining the unique dimensions of your bike frame, we use Computed-Assisted Design (CAD) and a simple perpendicular photo of your frame to get the details we need. But before we can start the design process, we will require you to make a perpendicular photo of the non-drive side of the frame. Also, we will ask you to take the following criteria into account:

  • Attach a ruler/measuring tape in the middle of the top tube (don’t cover the bolt-on bolts).

  • Mark a distance of exactly 10.0 cm on the ruler/measuring tape (if the photo is sharp enough, marking the distance will be unnecessary)

  • Crouch in front of your bike at a distance of 1.5 metres, and make a perpendicular photo of the non-drive side of your frame.

  • Remove the bottle cages and unscrew all bolts so that we can see them clearly. 

  • Tip: Try to align the chainstays.

We promise to ship each order within 4 weeks after confirmation of the design and payment. In the event that you already have an adventure planned within 4 weeks, please, contact us with your latest deadline, and we’ll see if we are able to ship the order in time. However, please note, that we follow the latest estimated delivery times of our postal office, PostNL. Standard delivery times may be affected by circumstances which are outside of our control. Therefore, we are not responsible for any delayed deliveries.

Shipping Information

We ship worldwide. We solely use PostNL’s services for both our national and international shipments. Note that we only dispatch our shipments between Monday and Friday. Please take this into account when placing an order over the weekend. Orders that are placed at the weekend are shipped the following Monday.


While the current pandemic is still roaming around, we strive to continue our activities with respect to the guidelines of the Dutch government. However, standard delivery times may be affected by circumstances which are outside of our control.

Estimated Delivery Times (by PostNL)

Please refer to PostNL’s estimated delivery times in working days: PostNL (Dutch only)

Merit Gear strives to provide custom solutions for Bikepackers, cyclists and adventure tourers. Our products are made from high quality material and we aim to never sacrifice quality, functionality, or service. For this reason, we only promise and provide premium products that will get more done than just the job.  In standing by this guarantee, Custom Merit Gear provides a warranty to the original owner/purchaser of the product that was specifically designed for him or her against material defects or craftsmanship. If an issue arises regarding defects in materials or mediocre craftsmanship, please, contact us as soon as possible. This way, we can look for a solution. If a product is found to be under warranty, we will replace the product at our discretion. Free of charge. However, do, please, add the date of purchase.

Unfortunately, we do not accept returned custom products due to the designated purpose where we stand behind.

An order is confirmed after payment. Since we mainly work with custom products, it is extremely difficult to cancel and refund the complete amount due to the possibility that we have already started the production process. Therefore, in case of an order cancellation, we will refund the total amount minus €50,00 for primarily the materials used if the order of cancellation is within one week after order confirmation.

Getting new gear is always exciting. It’s a thrill to load up your bike and set out for a mission or an outdoor excursion. But inevitably, your bags are bound to get dirty. Dust, dirt, and rain can do a number on your gear. In addition, odors may build up from outdoor exposure. By washing your bags after your adventure, it not only refreshes the fabric but also helps to prevent breakdown and damage over time. 

After consulting our X-Pac and Cordura manufacturers, Dimension Polyant and Cordura®, we have received the following instructions to maximise the lifespan of our gear.

  • Do not put it in the washing machine.
  • Use plain water and gentle cleaning tools
  • If you use soap, use non-detergent soap

Hang dry! (do NOT put your bags in the dryer, please, I beg you.)

Are your bags waterproof?

Our gear is not 100% waterproof due to the fact that our gear is sewn. Even though X-Pac is indeed 100% waterproof, once we make stitches, we are basically making tiny holes in the fabric. However, our gear is very weather resistant. 


What colours do you have?

For our available colours, please refer to: “.PDF with an overview of all colours”


What materials do you use?

With a strong focus and desire for sustainable but durable products, we solely choose to work with the best materials on the market that money can get. 

  • X-Pac: VX-21 and VX-25 (

  • Liteskin LS42 (

  • Cordura (

  • YKK Vislon 10 (

  • YKK Aquaguard 5 (