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FrameInsight Instructions

  1. Attach a ruler in the middle of the top tube 
  2. Remove all bottle cages (unless you want a half frame bag)
  3. Expose all bolts in your frame by unscrewing them
  4. Take a high-resolution* photo of the non-drive side of your frame
  5. Complete the form below (including your photo(s) )

*If you use your mobile phone, I would advise to mark a distance of precisely 10,0 on the ruler (e.g. stick one tape at 16.0 cm and 26.0 cm)



  • Make sure that both wheels are in the photo
  • Try to align the chain stays, the fork, and seat stays
  • Make sure that the crank does not block the frame
  • Use a white background 
  • Make as many photos as you want, we will filter them out 😉
Example of a perpendicular photo of the non-drive side of the frame

Custom Frame Bag FrameInsight Upload