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About Merit Gear

We believe that every adventure is unlike anything else. The exciting idea of making an unforgettable journey can be made in split seconds, but preparing for it can take months or even years. While some people invest in a Custom Titanium Gravel bike, others finally take their old rusty pedal bike out of their shed to begin a new chapter in life. Merit Gear wants to provide gear for the whole community: from ambitious Transcontinental racers to lovely retired couples who want to show that they still have the perseverance and energy to inspire the world.

Merit Gear strives to deliver great gear for good prices to give hesitating minds a little push towards initiating their first bikepacking adventure.

All our gear is produced in-house by two brothers who try to balance student life and developing bikepacking gear.

Create Your Own Custom Bikepacking Bags With Merit Gear

Design & Engineering

It does not matter if you are into cycle touring, adventure touring, gravel biking or any (un)supported bikepacking adventures,
we take our time to sit at the drawing table.

Every custom bikepacking bag is designed using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software in order to obtain the final frame measurements. 


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