About Us

Our Story, Current plans, and Developments

Our Story

In 2019, Merit Gear was hardly a company but merely a desperate attempt to commence our first bikepacking adventure. Our dream, as two brothers, was to cycle from Amsterdam to Athene. However, as poor students (high schoolers back then), we were not able to afford any custom bikepacking gear. Also, we were very dissatisfied with the fit and quality of current bag manufacturers.

We were convinced that we could do better.

And so, we purchased a sewing machines and used some leftover fabrics to practice and learn our craft. 


Can you tell the difference?

Who are we?

Mathew Wong

Marketing & Sales

With a background in triathlon and an immense passion for cultural interactions, I have developed a love/hate relationship with the concept of (inter)continental traveling on a bike. With Custom Merit Gear, I hope to promote the sport and to share the adventures with the bikepacking community.

Mickey Wong

Design & Production

An enthusiast in everything engineering and with an endless curiosity, I combine my love for engineering with adventure.  Merit is my embodiment of exploration of not only the world, but also in different disciplines. I wish to create a place where innovative, passionate and like-minded people can come together to make a greater tomorrow. For this purpose, I’m driven to accumulate merit to make this environment a reality. and to share the journey with the bikepacking community.