Welcome to the 3D Interactive Double Decker Frame Bag Configurator!

We receive a lot of requests for a visualisation of our products, because you guys are bike nerds. Since everything we do is custom, we have noticed that it is very hard to share and communicate a mental image of your desired frame bag during the decision making process. To make this a more intuitive process for the general consumer, we have designed and programmed a Frame Bag Configurator (Yes, we are nerds). This configurator allows you to iterate through different colour compositions before making the final decision.

It is not possible to use the Configurator to place the Frame Bag order, this is done via the Shop

Feel free to submit a screenshots of your design with your order with the following Filename for the Front and Rear view:
DD_FB_Configurator_Front_view_’order number’.jpg    (Example: DD_FB_Configurator_Front_view_#UW6LD.jpg)
DD_FB_Configurator_Rear_view_’order number’.jpg     (Example: DD_FB_Configurator_Rear_view_#UW6LD.jpg)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       – Making custom the new standard –

This environment is still in Beta (Version 7), so we appreciate any feedback or criticism. Our recommendation is to use this environment on desktop or laptop.
Merit technical department would like to thank you for your cooperation! 

Troubleshooting Tips for the Configurator:
– Open the URL on desktop or Laptop (Not Phone compatible)
– This Page should lag at start up, the HTML extensions needs time to load the model. This should take a minute. (Thank you for your patience!) 
– Turn off add blocker or VPN
– Open URL in Incognito mode
– Clear Cache & Cookies from your Browser (ctrl+shift+del)